Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Washington State

Lily and I were able to go with Brian to Washington. Brian had to work so Lily and I played at the hotel. Here are a few pictures from our adventures:

Sporting her new winter boots I found on clearance (for next year). Also I managed to get her hair in teeny tiny pigtails!
Showing off her new swimsuit while wearing my flip flops.

We found a great duck pond and decided to take Lily to feed the birds. She LOVED it! After while we got a little nervous, anxious, and overwhelmed with ALL the geese, ducks, and DUMB seagulls! We left in a hurry because they were swarming us.

We were right on the bank of the Columbia River. It is HUGE and gorgeous!
Picnic in the park: pizza and a fruit juice
I asked Lily to smile for Grandma. This is what she gave me:

Because of Lily's much earlier than ours bedtime, she slept in the closet. She didn't seem to mind. In fact, she slept GREAT!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Best

I couldn't resist taking pictures of this darling little girl this Sunday morning. This is a dress Lily's great-grandma Dawna bought her before she was born. I've been anxiously awaiting for the day it would fit her.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Buckets o' Fun

Strawberry Pants Lily

Lily spilled her bowl of strawberries and before I knew it, she was sitting on the floor (ON THEM) eating them. This is the end result of spilled strawberries on blue pants.

**Also, Lily has now discovered how to open the fridge. (She's been trying for weeks and finally had success today) I'm not very excited about this!**

Quick Trip to California

We made a quick trip to California for a special event for Brian's brother.
While we were there, we spent a night at my parents' house.
Lily went on the hunt for something:

The special event was that Brian got to baptize his older brother, David. It was a special evening! I'm so glad we were able to go!
Lily roamed all over the church before the baptism. She looked so cute with her hair in pigtails, tied with ribbons and her lime green dress.
Our second night there, we stayed in a hotel. Lily and Brian chillin' on the bed.