Sunday, August 16, 2009


Could it be some musical talent?

As Brian was packing to leave for work, Lily crawled into his suitcase. I guess she didn't want him to go, or she wanted to go with him. It was pretty cute!

Daddy's Little Helper

We bought a couple new pieces of furniture recently and while Brian was putting them together, Lily decided to help!

Searching for something that went under the stove.

Street Names

During our drive back from Boise, we came across several street names that made us giggle. I wish we had the time to stop and take pictures of each sign, to make this post a little more exciting, but we just wanted to get home!

Here are our Top 5 Favorites:

5. Breakaheart Road

4. Singing Waters Road

3. Farmyard Road

(a church building was on this one. It tickled my funny bone)

2. Poison Creek Road

1. Chicken Dinner Road

(Our all time favorite!)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Attempt: Warped Polka Dots

It has always been a dream of mine to be a cake decorator! I watch the shows on TV, look and admire at friends' accomplishments. So, I decided to try a simple fondant cake. My brother and his family were in town and we wanted to celebrate their summer birthdays. Here it is:

Sorry, again, TERRIBLE lighting!

It was a hit! They all liked it! I think I'll keep trying and eventually, HOPEFULLY, get better. My next major attempt will be Lily's first birthday.

Stay tuned........

Our Trip to Boise

Brian had to work in Boise, ID this last week and we went with him. It was my first time to Idaho. Boy did I LOVE it! I keep telling him, "maybe we should move here!" He said, "But I thought you liked it where we are?!" And I do. Don't worry, we won't move there!
I think we'll just visit a lot. :)

Anyway, Lily was such a good traveler. She has had a terrible cold and she wasn't that fussy at all! I was really surprised, because when we would be in the hotel, that's when she was fussy. Here are some fun pictures of our little adventure.

Lily, in her car seat, found the box of tissues and pulled them all out.
It was pretty cute!
(Sorry it's so dark.)
Mmmmm.......mommy's apple core

Mmmm..... cheerios in bed!
On the pool table at the Boise State Institute.

It's a good thing we're considered a service vehicle or else we would have been booted!

Lunch break at one of the buildings. Eating a ham sandwich

We had two double sized beds and we pushed them together to make one BIG bed.
This is Lily stuck down between the two beds.

She was supposed to go to bed but decided to read some books instead.
We HAD to visit the DI.

We wanted a simple dinner, but NOT fast food. We went to IHOP. Kids ate free, so we got her a little meal: 5 Silver Dollar Pancakes and eggs.

She ate the ENTIRE plate!!!

We had some time to kill so we went to Cabela's. It was a LOT of fun!
It's much bigger than ours in Reno!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Part 2

When my brother, Mike, flew in from Atlanta we all went camping at the beach. We went to San Simeon, CA. We sure had a fun time! This was Lily's first time to do some real camping in a tent. She did great! She ended up sleeping with us because it got so cold. But she was a lot of fun!

A very tired couple, Mike and Briana. (It was really cold too!!)

Good Morning!

Nothing like a bowl of cheerios for breakfast!

A classic shot of my dad!

Wyatt was such a good helper. Carrying his daddy's boots!

We ALWAYS have to play on the rocks in Cambria!

With a wave splashing up behind us. (we actually got pretty wet)

Without the waves crashing on the rocks.

The rest of the gang looking at sea urchins and starfish.

Mom and Dad enjoying the view. We also saw several dolphins go by.


We took our traditional walk down the pier in Cayucos.

Shane pretending he was sleeping.

This was a posting saw.

Our finds on our traditional walk down the beach, collecting shells.
Poor jellyfish

Mom and Wyatt collecting shells

Brian playing

This is how Lily spent most of the time down at the water. At least she wasn't fussy! :)

Standing in the Pacific Ocean for the first time (for Lily)

Brian dug up a clam and my brother Scott wanted to open it.

YUM! Sand!

We went out to eat and this was Lily's reaction to the lemon I gave her.

Shane gobbling down his clam chowder.

Then we drove home, to my parents' house, and crashed! We were all exhausted.
Then we went back to Camp Bullfrog for a BBQ.

Can you see my farmer's tan from the beach? :)