Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lily Update

Well, our little Lily has been quite sick. She seemed to have the flu but it never got better, so we took her to the doctor. In fact, we went to the doctor 3 times in one week. One of those visits was to the urgent care. On our 3rd visit we were sent to the hospital for dehydration. She continued to get worse and test after test, nothing was giving us answers. After 4 nights and 5 days of being in a cold, uncomfortable room. We were sent home. She was able to keep food down and most importantly, she was drinking water on her own! The doctors never did find out what exactly she had. Just a bad bug that hit her really hard! We're so glad she's home and doing very well! She back to eating everything and playing like she's never been sick!

The morning before we went to the hospital.
She wasn't a big fan of that IV in her hand, later they had to put it in her arm
because she pulled it out.

We opted to keep the big bed in her room, instead of the crib, so I could lay with her.

One morning when she wanted to drink! She was playing with her sippy cup!

Brian was out of town, in Kansas City, working when we went to the hospital but he got permission to fly home early to be with us.
They had to come on 2 different occasions to take xrays of her tummy.
Not a very pleasant experience for Lily!

We couldn't get over how cute she looked with the itty bitty gowns.

Finally starting to feel a little better!
She had and excellent case of bed head!
We would have never made it through without the support of our family and friends! The ward has been a HUGE support! Meals brought to us, clothes brought to us. My Mom was a BIG relief by coming to sit with us and she made Lily VERY happy! Thanks to EVERYONE!
P.S. At this same time, Brian has been sick and we finally got him to go the ER and ruled out that he has calcium deposits on his kidneys. He was given painkillers and will be seeing a specialist.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What Lily's Been Up To

We've been pretty pre-occupied here at our house lately. Both Brian and Lily have been quite sick. But they're finally feeling a little more like themselves. Here's what Lily was up to before she got sick:

We're getting closer and closer to being able to put clips in her hair. I CAN'T wait!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reno Balloon Race 2009

It all began when the alarm went off at 3:15 am. Lily and I went with our friends up to Reno for the Hot Air Balloon Races. Boy was it fun! The show started with the Dawn Patrol, 4 balloons that are all lit up and are synchronized to music. Then, when the sun came up, planes flew overhead. It was pretty exciting! Here are the shots from the day:

Lily and her silly faces!

Lily has a great friend, Ira. They get along pretty good!

It's sooooooo early!
The Dawn Patrol

They launched 100 balloons! This is an event that we'll definitely attend next year!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day 2009

For Labor Day, we went with some friends to Virginia City to watch the parade.
Here are some pics from the day:
Lily waiting for the parade to begin

They had a little Civil War reenactment.
They told us the correct way to protect our ears from the gun shots
Michelle modeling the CORRECT way

They had some old vintage cars

They were celebrating 50 years of the camel races.

"Is it done yet?"

"What's coming next?"

Our good friends Emily and Ira

Tony, Michelle's husband, and their son Austin.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Night Out on the Town

For our anniversary we went out to eat. We've lived here for over a year and we've been told that all the casinos have great restaurants, so we decided to give one a try. We went to the Fandango and enjoyed their delicious buffet. Brian, (me too) was in heaven! They had everything you could think of: seafood, American, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, EVERYTHING! And it wasn't just simple, ordinary stuff. It was the works!

We tried and tried again to get Lily to smile, but she just wouldn't do it!

So here are a few funny faces:

Our Personal Bodyguards

During our trip to Utah, (we were taking my baby brother to BYU) we had our personal 'bodyguards' come with us. We noticed one evening, at our hotel, that there were a bunch of motorcycles and Sheriff vehicles. But we didn't realize, until the next morning, that they were from Carson City. We asked a couple of the Deputies why they were there, and told them we were from Dayton. They were there for some motorcycle competition. It was pretty fun to have our own personal 'bodyguards' with us.

That's our truck next to them.