Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lily Update

Well, our little Lily has been quite sick. She seemed to have the flu but it never got better, so we took her to the doctor. In fact, we went to the doctor 3 times in one week. One of those visits was to the urgent care. On our 3rd visit we were sent to the hospital for dehydration. She continued to get worse and test after test, nothing was giving us answers. After 4 nights and 5 days of being in a cold, uncomfortable room. We were sent home. She was able to keep food down and most importantly, she was drinking water on her own! The doctors never did find out what exactly she had. Just a bad bug that hit her really hard! We're so glad she's home and doing very well! She back to eating everything and playing like she's never been sick!

The morning before we went to the hospital.
She wasn't a big fan of that IV in her hand, later they had to put it in her arm
because she pulled it out.

We opted to keep the big bed in her room, instead of the crib, so I could lay with her.

One morning when she wanted to drink! She was playing with her sippy cup!

Brian was out of town, in Kansas City, working when we went to the hospital but he got permission to fly home early to be with us.
They had to come on 2 different occasions to take xrays of her tummy.
Not a very pleasant experience for Lily!

We couldn't get over how cute she looked with the itty bitty gowns.

Finally starting to feel a little better!
She had and excellent case of bed head!
We would have never made it through without the support of our family and friends! The ward has been a HUGE support! Meals brought to us, clothes brought to us. My Mom was a BIG relief by coming to sit with us and she made Lily VERY happy! Thanks to EVERYONE!
P.S. At this same time, Brian has been sick and we finally got him to go the ER and ruled out that he has calcium deposits on his kidneys. He was given painkillers and will be seeing a specialist.


Megan said...

Poor thing! What a terrible thing to go through. I'm glad to hear she's back to normal!

Jen (and her men) said...

awhh, those are the saddest pictures!! I hate it when little kiddos are sick. glad she's doing better now!

Katie said...

Oh Leah, it sounds just awful! Good job taking care of your baby. We were praying for you.

The Coleman Family said...

So glad to hear she's feeling better. We have been worrying about her! Give her a big love from the Colemans!!

LL said...

these pics will break your heart years from now. You'll always remember how hard it was to see her so sick.
SOOO glad she's feeling better!
she's so so adorable~

Johnson Family said...

I knew things were not going really well while in the hospital, but not having seen Lily while she was in there (sorry I didn't make it that night with Staci, I REALLY wanted to, but Erik came home sick and I didn't think he could handle the kids plus I shouldn't visit the sick in the hospital with more germs and illness!), but seeing her in those pictures makes me so sad! I almost cried! She is always so happy and smiley, that doesn't even look like Lily!

Staci said...

so glad you are home. and thank you for letting me help.

Trueman twins said...

So glad that she is feeling better! What a tough time for all of you. Even sick she is adorable. :-)