Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What We've Been Up to Lately

We've been away, playing with family. Lily and I came to visit my family for a week and Brian met up with us. We've been busy, busy, busy.

It all began with a great night out with my sister to the So You Think You Can Dance tour performance at the SaveMart Center in Fresno, CA. We ate Chinese for dinner, a very rare occasion for me because Brian doesn't care for it. We had fabulous seats and ever since that night we keep trying out dance skills.

Lily, my mom, and I went up to my Aunt and Uncle's place, called Camp Bullfrog. We spent time with my cousin and her 3 little boys. While up there, we made some fresh wreaths from the natural greens that grow up there. It was a blast!

This is little Archer. He's such a cutie. A real sweetheart!

Then, we celebrated Brian's brother's birthday, as well as our nephew's. I was asked by my mother-in-law to make a cake. This is how it turned out.

The big blank blue spot is where the candles were.

Here's Caden, our nephew, enjoying some cake!

Lily looking through family scrapbooks with Aunt Megan, Brian's little sister.

More to come with the Thanksgiving feast!

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The Coleman Family said...

Love the Superman cake!! Looks like you guys had a really fun Thanksgiving!! Don't you just love holidays?!