Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week 2

The 2nd week of our trip wasn't nearly as eventful as the first, which was wonderful! We able to sit around and enjoy each other. Therefore, not very many pictures for this post!

One afternoon, my mom walked into the kitchen and this is what she found:

At the end of our stay we went to a friend of ours wedding. While there, we met up with some other friends that were visiting from Idaho. We all used to be in the Singles ward about 4-5 years ago. It was fun! Us wives were chatting and realized what our hubbies were doing: playing with our kids at the kiddie table coloring. Couldn't pass up this photo option!
Our last night in CA we had Christmas with Brian's family. Lily got toys, stuffed animals, and an ornament to add to her 'once a year collection', which brings her total to 2!
We also decided to draw names for next year's Christmas exchange. Scotty was not included because he will be serving a mission when Christmas comes around! So we'll all send him something! ;)

Mike: Leah
Briana: Brian
Anna: Briana
Leah: Mike
Brian: Anna
(so we can have documented who got who!)

From an earlier post, I didn't document very well what Brian and I (or Lily) got for Christmas. Here's the list:

a watch
gun stuff
oodles of candy
clothes (shirts, socks, a tie, pj's)
Band of Brothers on DVD

Cello case
tons of cake decorating supplies
romantic getaway to The Pines Resort at Bass Lake, CA
Amazon gift card

40 years of Sesame Street

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Love the look on her face "I got caught"