Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Honest Scrap

I've been handed the torch of telling you all 10 honest things about myself. I am then to pass it on to four others.
Here it goes...

1. I'm addicted to food! All kinds! Fruits, veggies with dip, SWEETS galore and so much more! I have my moments where I'm really good a watching what I eat, meaning portions, but then I LOVE to go overboard, primarily with the sweets! Who doesn't right? One of these days I'll get a handle of it and maybe I'll be able to control my weight and enjoy life to it's fullest without worrying about my appearance!

2. Since my hubby is out of town EVERY single week, it gets pretty quiet here at our house. I know i have an 18 mos. old but surprisingly, it can be very quiet here. I find myself keeping the TV on at ALL times. I don't sit and watch it much, but I keep it on for the noise. It's nice to hear voices and feel like it's not so quiet.

3. While in high school, I NEVER read a single book that was assigned. I read ALL cliff notes. I do not enjoying reading. It's too quiet and still for my liking. So I made it easier and 'cheated' with the reading assignments. I'm slowly learning to love to read. Little bits at a time.....

4. I LOVE the outdoors! My wish to become physically fit to be able to handle hiking, rock climbing, etc. My goal is to be able to reach the physical level of my hubby so I can stay up with him! Being able to hike without resting every 15 minutes or so.

5. I never took college seriously. I was out on my own enjoying 'freedom'. I now regret very much for not doing better. I'm hoping to go back soon and finish my degree. By the way, I was studying Special Education and Music.

6. My ultimate dream job, if it were ever possible for me, would be an Astronaut! I've always been fascinated with space and the thrill and excitement it brings.

7. I love cars! I can tell what kind of make, (mainly makes, not models) by its headlights or taillights. That's one way I impressed Brian while we were dating. :)

8. If I could afford it, I would have fresh bouquets of flowers in my house every other week! I love the way they smell, the way the brighten up a room, and they always put a smile on my face!

9. I have to phobias: GERMS and TICKS (the kind that suck your blood!) I constantly wash my hands to where they get so dry that they bleed. I cringe and have a bit of a panic attack whenever I think of or hear of or see a tick!

10. I love to spend money! I also love to save money! How does that work? I love being able to buy things for others and myself. But I love having a savings account knowing that things will be okay if something went wrong. Buy me a pair of shoes and a new purse and I'm a happy woman!

I now pass this torch to:
Kristen Gaufin
Katie Carling
Michelle Putnam
Emily Coltrin


Michelle said...

hahah..I'm on it girl! May take me a while..but I'll do it! Loved reading about you by the way! :-)
Man we have a lot in common!

Kristen said...

I laughed at #5. I knew that. You were too busy flirting with that boy of yours. ;) Haha, remember our double date to the snow and trying hard not to puke in the backseat on the way home. Ah, memories. :)

Katie said...

Leah, as I was reading this I just had a feeling you were going to get me! lol. You're on, I've already got my list. And it's really honest.

Cathy said...

Whew! You didn't pick me.

Love the honest truth about you. . . still miss you tons.

Jessica Harris said...

I just have one question: What's wrong with taking a break every 15 minutes when you are hiking? We hiked Picacho Peak last weekend and I thought I might die. :)