Saturday, July 10, 2010


My parents' neighbor has a couple new calves. Lily LOVED them!

Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast
All the kiddos were invited to ride their bike, pull a wagon, or anything they'd like in the Kid Parade. Lily pulled her little turtle.
I couldn't resist the dress. Thanks to Aunt Debbie for showing me it!
Fourth of July BBQ at Camp Bullfrog.
My cousin's son, Ronan. He and Lily played quite a bit together.
Exploring the Camp grounds
She's been fascinated with putting buckets on her head these days!


Michelle said...

she is just so much fun...I smile everytime I look at pics of sooooo cute!

MMM said...

Aw! Brian told me about the pulling the turtle thing. She looks so tiny holding his hand in that picture! =)

Steve Glassford said...

I dig the buckets on the head!

Johnson Family said...

Love the star dress! I love love love Lily's jeans in the family pics - they make her look so grown up!

Emily said...

looks like so much fun!!! I miss that little girl so much! well and you guys too!!

Staci said...

okay so let me catch up. i love the family photos. especially the one of your parents and their children by the fence! love love love it.
and that star dress on lily...she's growing up so fast.
and those buckets! on her head! how cute is she!
well if you weren't moving to'd be moved off my vting route. paula heusser would be your new vter and you would love her. i'd miss you either way. so when you come back next month we have to go to breakfast at cracker box...
there are so many families moving out of our ward (i have to give you the run down of ward happenings) the voightleanders, lymans, moores, possibly the o''s insane. emily larkin and i are wondering what we're doing wrong because we WANT to move and we can't. sad.
c u soon.