Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coupon Savings!

So I've been using coupons a lot lately! Here's my latest deal:
2 Purex 3-1 laundry detergent sheets, 2 Shout stain removals, 2 Windex, 1 Lysol cleaning product, 2 Magic Erasers, 1 Gain dish soap, 1 Glade air freshener, 2 Glade candles, 4 air freshener cones, 2 boxes of Puffs tissues, 2 packs of Dixie paper plates. With all my coupons I got all of this for $19.73 while saving $84.42! I also got $13 store credit to use at a later time! 
(you have to remember Rite Aid has higher prices to start with, but it's still fun to see the savings!)  

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