Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

Our Christmas was a little different this year.
Started off, with me leading a multi-ward choir, for our Christmas Sacrament meeting.
Moore Family gift exchange.
Quickly driving up to Auberry to Skype with Scotty (who's serving his mission in Brazil)
Opening our stockings
Making a traditional ham dinner
Starting to open other presents
Talking, on the phone, with the Georgia family 
And finally finishing opening our gifts at 9pm!

It was a  long day, but a VERY nice one!

 Isn't she cute?!

 Lily was so good, being patient, waiting to open all the gifts. She was also, very considerate and waited for everyone to have a turn to open their gifts.
Our new Christmas jammies!
(Lily sitting in her new chair Grandpa Stepe (steve) and Grandma Gail made)

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Jessica Harris said...

Super fun!!! I can't wait to see you next month! YAY!!!