Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Little Lily

Lily has been battling a double ear infection for 8 weeks. There are many times when we're very frustrated, sad for her, and just plain AHHH! with her these past couple of months. The past couple of days have been pretty rough. She is usually quick to smile and talk but she hardly does it because she's so uncomfortable.
We still have a few rare moments when she's like this:



Brandon and Sarah Barros said...

Aren't sick babies just so sad?! I hope she feels better soon. We'll pray for her and for you!

The Coleman Family said...

We went through that with Nathan when he was Lily's age. It is the pits. No sleep and a very grumpy baby! (So sad) We eventually had to have tubes put in for Nate, because the antibiotics just couldn't get rid of the infection.

Hopefully Lily will be able to get over it on her own though. (If not, ear tubes were a MIRACLE cure for Nate, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.) Give her a hug and a snuggle from us!