Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday Best

Sundays are such nice days. We usually get up on time and are ready for church 10-15 minutes before our 'scheduled' time to leave (not so much any other day of the week). We enjoy an uplifting Sacrament meeting, teach Primary (Brian), go off with the YW (Leah), and visit with our friends. We then get to come home take naps and have a wonderful supper. We enjoy a quiet, peaceful evening. Sundays really are wonderful!


LL said...

you guys are ADORABLE!
I love the pictures you post, is that sweet baby girl ALWAYS smiling?
So so cute!
Glad you guys enjoy your Sunday~

Michelle said...

she has got the best smile! So if he's in primary, and your in YW..who helps with Lily? :-)

Barry and Jeanni said...

i love those Sunday naps!

Emily said...

what a good lookin' family