Monday, June 29, 2009

Ear Tubes for Lily

Our day started to the sound of an alarm at 5am, we had to be at the hospital by 6:15.

Lily fell back asleep on our way there.

We got arm bands to prove that Lily was ours.

Chilling in the waiting room with Dad.

Putting on her gown. It was SOOOOO cute on her! She was swimming in it and she liked playing with it too.

Waiting in the Pre-Op room.

Tired Lily.

The nurse came in and gave her little yellow hospital socks. She looked so stinkin' cute!

The two of us ready to go back to the operating room. I got to back with her until she fell asleep with the laughing gas. (by the way, she LOVES to play with her tongue and it's almost always hangin' out!)

She did such a great job! The surgeon came back to talk with us, after the surgery, only 20 minutes after I left her side in the operating room. She woke up within 10 minutes after that. We were so shocked! We knew it was a quick and super easy procedure but we didn't know we were going to be walking out the doors 30 minutes after her surgery began.
I think this is going to be real good for her! We sure hope it's going to be real good for her!
Now maybe we'll be able to sleep through the night!


Brandon and Sarah Barros said...

How blessed we are to have modern technology! I'm so happy for you guys. It's awful to see your little one hurting. Yay for more sleep!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad everything went well and so easy! hope the tubes work and you all can get sleep!

krisjane said...

She's such a cutie!! Hope the tubes make her ears feel better!!