Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday Girl Turns 1

One year ago today, our precious, little girl was born. She has been the light of our lives and honestly don't know what we'd be like without her! She brings us so much happiness.
Lots of laughter is often heard in our home because of her.
So this one is to you, Lily Marie.


LL said...

Happy Birthday Leah.

LL said...

i think I just typed LEAH.
it's late. :-)

Hamblin Family said...

Why do people put off having children? They add so much dimension and perspective besides the shear entertainment into our lives! Life is boring without them. Happy Birthday Lily!

carolyn said...

happy birthday baby girl! been thinking of you! so glad to know you!

The Coleman Family said...

Such cute pictures!! I had forgotten that Lily and I share a birthday!!

Happy Birthday!!

Tara Barros said...

those pictures are so adorable! Did you get them taken professionally?

Michelle said... all the pictures!!!

Marcy said...

Happy Birthday Lily!!
Such cute photos~LOVE the black and white one!