Friday, October 16, 2009

Sleeping Lily

This past week I've gotten some cute pictures of Lily sleeping.
Here they are:

After church, during her lunch.

When we got home from a day of shopping. I had given her a little bite of a churro from Costco.
I guess she was too tired to enjoy it.


Marcy said...

CUTE!! I love when kids are so tired they fall asleep anywhere and in any position.

LL said...

CUTE!!! sleeping babies are so so sweet.
Does Lily have a pink John Deer blanket? NICE!!!

Kristen said...

That's so cute! Connor never did crash while eating, I guess it was too important to him. :)

Michelle said...

LOL..the last pic is hilarious! Lizzy almost fell asleep at her chair but woke up before I could take a pic..darn! Cute pics!

Megan said...

Haha so tired!! Little Lily-bug!