Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rustic American Flag Tutorial

I've had a few (Michelle) requests to make a tutorial of the flag I made and posted earlier.
Here it goes:

Supplies needed:
 7- 1x2x8 planks of wood 
(roughly $1 each)
3 cans of spray paint (1 red, 1 white,1 blue)
(roughly $3 each)
1/8 in shams
50 vinyl stars
(roughly $2)

Cut a total of 13  38in pieces
(You will have left over pieces of wood and will need them later)

Paint, both sides, 6 boards white and 7 boards red

 When dry, tape 4 red and 3 white together. Place tape 16 inches from edge.
 Paint Blue

Sand all rough edges and this makes the wood look more weathered and rustic.

When dry, lay all boards in desired striped arrangement, turn them over, and add 1/8 shams

 Clamp together to keep in place

 Use left over wood from step 1, as back supports. Add screws and mounting hardware.

 Cut and arrange 50 stars, stick to board, and you have a finished product!

Finished product for under $20! 
Have fun!
And YES! I did this all by myself!!!

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Michelle said...

ok..that looks way more complicated than I thought! hahah I love you for taking the time to post this...thank you! It will be on my "to make" list