Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Vacation in San Diego

We went on a trip! We went down to San Diego and had a blast!
Enjoy the big bunch of pictures!

Mormon Battalion 

 Brian's ancestors

 Panning for gold at the Mormon Battalion 

 Isn't she beautiful?!!!

 San Diego Zoo!!!

 The baby giraffe was born in April. Isn't she cute?

 Mean bird! Leaving me a 'lovely' present
 Tiger cubs born in May.

 San Diego Safari Park (our favorite of the 3 parks we went to!)

Sea World!

 Lily LOVED all the rides! She didn't want to get off them!!

 Lily also loved the sharks swimming above us!

 We really enjoyed the dolphin show and the Shamu show!
 Then we went to Laguna Beach for a wedding, Brian's brother, David, got married.

 Our little beach bum


Emily said...

It looks like you had a really great time!!! :)

michelle said...

I can't belive how big lily has gotten!!

Noble Hamblin said...

Those were fun colors at the wedding. It reminded me of "Bride and Prejudice". The Bollywood version of "Pride and Prejudice".
Love, Devree