Monday, December 17, 2012

Playing Catch-up

Ok, here's a brief look from the past month

 My dad works in the town we live in, he stopped in to visit and read some books.
 Helen LOVES to be in front of the Christmas tree, look at the lights, and listen to music. Puts to sleep almost every time!
 This girl makes me smile! She LOVES to help and be very involved with everything. She had to dress up to help make dinner!
 I asked her to get dressed, this is what she came up with. LOVE it!
 Helen is growing so fast! She's already 11 weeks old and we love to get smiles and giggles from her!
 Great Grandma Moore sent us a gingerbread house kit. Lily did all the decorating and she had a blast!
 After a long day at church, Daddy and Helen needed a nap.
 We often prop Helen up in the corner of the couch. A few minutes later, she had sunk down a little bit and I couldn't help but giggle at these two BIG eyes peering out.
 Another little cowgirl on my hands! :-)
Helen giving us giggles. She makes us all smile!

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