Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas and New Year's Eve 2012

A recap of the holidays (in random order)

 Santa treated very well, with a new rocking horse!

 Helen enjoyed some of the festivities after she crashed on momma's lap

 the 29th we celebrated with the Moore family. One proud grandma and aunt, holding brand new baby Emily and nearly 3 month old Helen
 Brian worked hard on this sign for my dad. It's mounted on the side of his shed that holds all the tack for the horses.

I think Christmas was successful!

 Then Mike and his crew drove out from Georgia! We had a blast celebrating the new year with them! (above pic, kiddos tickling Mike)
 Finally found matching Christmas dresses for the girls. Helen size 6mos, Lily size 7(girls)!
 Grandma Gail and Helen waiting to ring in the new year!
 Scotty to conquer the new year!
 Mike's kiddos crashed (Ginger, Wyatt, Shane)
 They spent the majority of the night playing Mario Kart on the Wii. 
This is the way the McLelland's celebrate anything, ICE CREAM!

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