Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8 Things About Me

8 Things About Me

Favorite T.V. Shows

1) CSI: Las Vegas
2) The Office
4) House Hunters
5) The Price is Right
6) Intervention

Things I did Yesterday

1) Played in the snow at Lake Tahoe
2) Went to Costco
3) Went on the Youth Temple Trip (I'm now the 1st Counselor in the YW Presidency)
4) Changed several diapers
5) Played Guitar Hero with the Ladies
6) Sang lullabies
7) Changed Lily's clothes
8) Read my scriptures

Things I look Forward to

1) Taking a nap
2) Eating ice cream (when I'm done nursing)
3) Brian getting home next week
4) Buying a house
5) Getting a piano next week
6) Hopefully winning our family's "Biggest Loser" competition =)
7) Lily being able to talk
8) Getting a shower, hopefully on a daily basis. (if Lily 'allows' me too!)

Favorite Restaurants

1) Sonic
2) Applebee's
3) Texas Roadhouse
4) Red Robin
5) Panera Bread
6) Pizza Hut
7) ---
8) ---

Things on my Wishlist

1) My own house
2) Organizing my house and keeping it that way
3) 4-6 kids (total)
4) A job for Brian, that keeps him home
5) Getting a puppy dog
6) Going on a vacation, a REAL vacation!
7) Lily will start sleeping through the night VERY soon!
8) House cleaning will get done on it's own. =)


Darcy said...

I'm well now, so I'll come help with Lily this week. yay about the piano!!!

Swimmingmom said...

Lots of fun things there! Lake Tahoe, how great!!!! Lucky! Hey do you have to avoid milk for a while?