Saturday, January 24, 2009

Three Month Old Lily

She got a hold of my hair

"Let me out of here!"

I was trying to block the wind with the blanket

Do you like the drool on the shirt?

I just had to include this one, both with their eyes partially or totally closed.
Like father like daughter.

"You do have a point."


krisjane said...

She is so cute!!! Enjoy these moments, good and bad!! I just happened to be looking at pics of Max when he was born up to 6 months old to compare him and Sadie....and I can't believe that little boy is now almost 2 years old!! Lily is a beauty!!!

Kristen said...

Too adorable. She is so cute! Ok, and funny because we totally have a picture of Connor doing the same pose as the last picture. :) Miss ya!

carolyn said...

love the helping hand in the last picture. made me giggle. she looks great, what a darling! you look fantastic too, by the way.

michelle said...

those last couple photos look like you are posein a model she looks so cute!!!

Darcy said...

strike a pose!!!

Trueman twins said...

3 months already? Wow how time flies! She is such a cutie!

Jamie said...

she looks like she's chubbing out--I love the chubby stage.