Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Morning

Santa treated us very well this year! I was surprised with a Costco membership(We used to have it a couple years ago and I've been wanting it for quite awhile!), movies, candy, etc. Brian got movies, a new tie, gift cards, camping gear, etc. Lily got a little play gym, books, homemade blankets (from Aunt Briana and Grandma Gail), and lots of other great things!
Here's Lily with her gifts

This was Lily about 20 minutes into opening gifts. She fell asleep in Grandpa Steve's arms

Our little Santa Baby (she's a little tired in this picture!)

Here's the full Santa suit
(I liked this picture because you can see a 'thinner' me in it! :) )

Later on, Lily fell asleep in Uncle Scotty's arms. She was pretty sweet that day!

I couldn't believe all the wrapping paper that was left behind from all the gifts. We're all adults, the youngest being,excluding Lily, my 17 year old brother, and we drew names instead of buying for everyone. It amazed me!
(This was only ONE pile of wrapping paper! We had TWO more!!)

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