Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gift for Lily

One of our friends here in Dayton had a couple dressers that they didn't want anymore, so I said I'd be glad to take them off their hands.
So I sanded them down, painted them, and made them a little 'kid friendly'.
Here are the final products:
(We really like them. We think they turned out great!)


Anonymous said...

they look great..I wish i had known about your talent while you were still here..I have an old white dresser in Tiffany's room that could use some sprucing up.Maybe you could come out for a little visit!!!

Kristen said...

TOTALLY impressed. The dressers look fantastic! :) Good work Leah-love!

Darcy said...

Those are the cutest darned things I've ever seen!!!

Marcy said...

SOOOOO cute!! I love recycled furniture~ Good work!!

The Coleman Family said...

I LOVE them!! I do that with my kids furniture too! You can find the scrungiest stuff and make it look super cute!

Are the pictures stickers, or did you paint them?