Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Smackdown" Days 5 &6

So For day 5 I decided to give Brian a back and shoulder massage. He had been on the road for just over a week and needed one! I'm NOT a fan of giving massages unless I get one in return. =) But I didn't even ask for one, I just willingly gave one to him.

Day 6 I made a delicious dinner and we ate by candle light and soft music in the background. I honestly DON'T remember the last time we had a nice dinner like that. (I think we were able to pull it off this time because Lily was asleep!) Following dinner I let Brian choose the movie we were to watch. (I didn't even complain about his choice) It was a very nice evening!


Trueman twins said...

It is hard to give a backrub without receiving one. That was really kind! Glad that you guys got to have a nice dinner. I can remember SO many nights where I ate cold food way after the dinner hour.

Swimmingmom said...

Way to go in putting Brian first for the day! I may have to steal the backrub idea sice it's not my favorite to do either and since we're on vaca, I need to just do nice things instead of treats, etc.

Darcy said...

What exactly is a smackdown?