Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gooey Goodness

I made these WONDERFUL Magic Bars for a good friend of mine, Michelle. She has been extremely helpful with watching Lily while I am with the Young Women (whether it's on Sunday and I have to give the lesson or when I'm at mutual and Brian is gone). This past Sunday was a little rough for little Lily so I just had to make something for Michelle as a LITTLE thank you!
(I was told by one of her best friends that these were one of her favorites).



Michelle said...

ok..this Michelle would like the recipe! mmmmm

Marcy said...

They look YUMMY! I think you need to post the recipe!

michelle said...

so I must say I did enjoy these very much. I tried to be very conservitive in eatting them, but the magic got me they only last 3 days. Thoses were the best three days ever!!!