Sunday, March 8, 2009

8 Things....

8 Things....

These are in no particular order.

8 favorite TV shows...
1. CSI
2. The Office
4. Price is Right
5. Little People, Big World
7. Jon and Kate Plus 8
8. Flip this House

8 things I look forward to...
1. Lily's morning smiles
2. Being with ALL my family
3. Organizing my craft supplies
4. Getting the mail (hoping there aren't any bills)
5. Buying a house
6. Finishing the quilt I started 2 years ago (it's for our bed, it just got TOO big)
7. Having more children
8. Fireworks on Fourth of July

8 favorite places to eat...
1. Red Robin
2. In-N-Out
3. Applebees
4. Costco (I LOVE their chicken bakes!)
5. Chop Chop (Chinese restaurant in Lodi, CA)
6. Olive Garden
7. The Cracker Box
8. Pizza Hut

8 things on my wishlist...
1. Brian had a job that didn't require so much traveling
2. Work in a bakery and be a cake decorator
3. Finish my degree in Special Education
4. Travel to Eastern Europe, with Brian, to see where he served his mission, Ukraine
5. My brother and his family move back west!
6. My own garden
7. Go on an Alaskan cruise
8. Own a log cabin up in the mountains

8 favorite movies...
1. Hairspray
2. Shine
3. Toy Story 2
4. Phantom of the Opera
5. Tarzan
6. Cinderella
7. Return to Me
8. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

8 People I tag...
1. Brian
2. Briana
3. Mom
4. Anna
5. Scotty
6. Emily
7. Michelle C.
8. Michelle P.


Swimmingmom said...

You can TOTALLY finish your degree. That would be awesome!

Kit said...

So I love The Office and NUMB3RS as well =^) If you like NUMB3RS and CSI then I think you should look into a show called The Closer. Its a murder show and I like it more than both NUMB3RS and CSI. Oh and In-N-Out is the best ever!!!