Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Fever

Earlier this week, the weather finally warmed up! We were able to go out for walks, I even wanted to open up the windows to the house because it felt so nice! So we dressed Lily accordingly. She had her short sleeves and FLIP-FLOPS! (Thanks to Aunt Anna!) Here are just a few pictures.

Unfortunately, the warmer weather did NOT last. We woke up one morning and found snow EVERYWHERE! It hasn't warmed since, in fact, it keeps getting COLDER! =(


Trueman twins said...

Hey you sent the warm weather our way! Thanks!! It is 55 here and we got to sweep the sand out of the garage, basement, cars...I can't wait until it STAYS warm. We will be back to flurries on Monday.

Love the flip flops. It looks like she does too!

Swimmingmom said...

Uggh, isn't that the worst! I was so thrilled to have such a beautiful day yesterday- had my car washed, etc. Only to hear as Lisette said, more snow on Monday.