Monday, July 27, 2009

Cousin's Camp

We had a wonderful opportunity to attend Cousin's Camp. This was an event where all the cousins on my side of the family got together. It was geared for all our children to play with each other. My aunt and uncle own a camp, with several cabins, a pond, etc. We usually come here for many family get-togethers! It was so much fun! There were a total of 2 Great-Grandparents, 5 Grandparents, 22 Grandkids (with spouses), and 17 Great-Grandkids.


Shane and Briana at Campfire

Grandma Gail (my mom) and Wyatt

We enjoyed roasting hot dogs and marshmallows

Lily LOVES her watermelon!

Grandpa Steve (my dad) and Shane

Learning a new song

Brian and Lily listening to the singing

My cousin Joel, who recently returned from his mission in New Zealand,
performing a traditional dance. Pretty AWESOME!!!


Morning Crafts: Scrapbook/Journals

The little guys made 'new' crayons, from recycled crayons, in the sun.

A major attraction at camp!

Going on a treasure hunt!

The treasure was a snack: Frogs on a log

Our view from our cabin

Great-Grandma Beth and Great-Grandpa Jack (my grandparents)

Water balloon fight!

Baby Archer (2 mos. younger than Lily) enjoying the kiddie pool.

Lucy at the Archery station

Brian 'signed' up Lily to do archery. :)

No words needed!

Art work with pastels.

Brian and Scotty ( it was a pretty even match. Eventually Brian won)

The little guys had to get in on in too. Odin and Shane

Camp Cookees: Anna and Mom

More Camp Cookees

Biscuits to go with our foil wraps

Lily and Grandpa Steve

We played Kick the Can, in honor of Pioneer Day

Mmmmmm......... Foil wraps!

"Little Eddie"

Aunt Anna with nephew Wyatt and niece Lily

Doin' what boys do best, playing in the dirt with a stick.

All the great-grandkids

Shooting the potato gun. This was a MAJOR hit!!

Couldn't resist

Too stinkin' cute to pass up.


I was in charge of an activity: Making butter/dragon flies. The kids thought it would be fun to hang them up in the trees. It looked fun to see them everywhere.

I also had them make pine cone bird feeders: peanut butter and birdseed.


More Bubbles!

Just as we went home. Uncle Don gave all the little kiddos a ride on the 4-wheeler.


Darcy said...

How AWESOME is that?! Such a fun time. You know you're lucky, right?

nanci said...

It looks and sounds like you had a GREAT time!

Michelle said...

wow! what an event! That had to have taken some serious planning and organization. Looks like everyone had fun!

carolyn said...

One of my favorite pictures is grandma and grandpa eating otter pops. You got some fantastic memories on 'film'. Mind if I copy this to my own blog? I never brought my camera over from our side!

Katie said...

Leah, do you have some secret for getting pictures on your blog quickly and easily? Mine always go straight to the top and then I have to painstakingly drag and drop them in. I loved these. Someday I'll get a couple of mine up. Glad you're on the ball!