Monday, July 20, 2009

First Meeting of McLelland Cousins

My sister-in-law Briana and her two little boys, Shane(4 next month) and Wyatt(19 mos), came for a visit. They live in Atlanta and they made the journey by vehicle to come visit family out west. She spent a few weeks with her family in Utah and is making her way to the McLelland family in California. Along the way, they stopped in Dayton for a few days. This is the first time Lily has met her cousins on my side of the family. These boys belong to my older brother Mike.
Here are some pictures from their visit:

Shane goofing off with Lily's flower headband
Wyatt enjoying some chocolate pudding.

I couldn't resist this one! I think his tummy is so cute!

Playing at Lake Tahoe

The geese decided to join us.

Mmmmm....... a rock!

We decided to bury Shane. He LOVED it!

Cute little guy!

Another cute little guy!

The three of them! Shane, Briana, and Wyatt


Michelle said...

looks like Lily had fun with her cousins. The water at Tahoe looks great too! Lucky! haha

carolyn said...

those ARE cute little guys. can't wait to see them ALL!