Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Trip to Boise

Brian had to work in Boise, ID this last week and we went with him. It was my first time to Idaho. Boy did I LOVE it! I keep telling him, "maybe we should move here!" He said, "But I thought you liked it where we are?!" And I do. Don't worry, we won't move there!
I think we'll just visit a lot. :)

Anyway, Lily was such a good traveler. She has had a terrible cold and she wasn't that fussy at all! I was really surprised, because when we would be in the hotel, that's when she was fussy. Here are some fun pictures of our little adventure.

Lily, in her car seat, found the box of tissues and pulled them all out.
It was pretty cute!
(Sorry it's so dark.)
Mmmmm.......mommy's apple core

Mmmm..... cheerios in bed!
On the pool table at the Boise State Institute.

It's a good thing we're considered a service vehicle or else we would have been booted!

Lunch break at one of the buildings. Eating a ham sandwich

We had two double sized beds and we pushed them together to make one BIG bed.
This is Lily stuck down between the two beds.

She was supposed to go to bed but decided to read some books instead.
We HAD to visit the DI.

We wanted a simple dinner, but NOT fast food. We went to IHOP. Kids ate free, so we got her a little meal: 5 Silver Dollar Pancakes and eggs.

She ate the ENTIRE plate!!!

We had some time to kill so we went to Cabela's. It was a LOT of fun!
It's much bigger than ours in Reno!


carolyn said...

Two doubles pushed together, now THAT's a good idea. I am always pushing bedside tables and chairs up to the boys' bed and tucking them in real tight in a hotel bed, but a BIG bed sounds like so much more fun!

P-Dawg said...

speaking of reno - guess who's coming there soon :)

Cathy said...

Mmmm Boise. We were just there a few weeks ago visiting my brother. I thought it was beautiful. I liitle hot, but dry.
Lily looks wonderful and so do you.
Missing you. . .