Friday, August 7, 2009

Part 2

When my brother, Mike, flew in from Atlanta we all went camping at the beach. We went to San Simeon, CA. We sure had a fun time! This was Lily's first time to do some real camping in a tent. She did great! She ended up sleeping with us because it got so cold. But she was a lot of fun!

A very tired couple, Mike and Briana. (It was really cold too!!)

Good Morning!

Nothing like a bowl of cheerios for breakfast!

A classic shot of my dad!

Wyatt was such a good helper. Carrying his daddy's boots!

We ALWAYS have to play on the rocks in Cambria!

With a wave splashing up behind us. (we actually got pretty wet)

Without the waves crashing on the rocks.

The rest of the gang looking at sea urchins and starfish.

Mom and Dad enjoying the view. We also saw several dolphins go by.


We took our traditional walk down the pier in Cayucos.

Shane pretending he was sleeping.

This was a posting saw.

Our finds on our traditional walk down the beach, collecting shells.
Poor jellyfish

Mom and Wyatt collecting shells

Brian playing

This is how Lily spent most of the time down at the water. At least she wasn't fussy! :)

Standing in the Pacific Ocean for the first time (for Lily)

Brian dug up a clam and my brother Scott wanted to open it.

YUM! Sand!

We went out to eat and this was Lily's reaction to the lemon I gave her.

Shane gobbling down his clam chowder.

Then we drove home, to my parents' house, and crashed! We were all exhausted.
Then we went back to Camp Bullfrog for a BBQ.

Can you see my farmer's tan from the beach? :)

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carolyn said...

nice pictures. i loved them all! lily is a doll. i liked the one of your mom and dad at the beach. i have been going through tons of old photos for my mom-i am really missing the ocean right now, all of our old family trips were to the beach.